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ColliCare with new establishment in the UK!

ColliCare establishes its own sales- and operations office in Erith, London. Services in focus will be international freight by sea, air and road to/from Scandinavia, Turkey, Poland, Baltics, Benelux and Asia. Local services like customs, warehousing and distribution will be in the portfolio.

ColliCare focus on the total supply chain and has 16 years of experience in delivering smarter logistics solutions.

A new team is in place in the UK to take care of new and existing businesses. Cem Turkdonmez will be the Managing Director for ColliCare in the UK. Turkdonmez has extensive experience in international logistics and has been working for several years in ColliCare.

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Our strongest areas are the Nordics, the Netherlands, Baltics and Turkey. Through our departments in China and India, we will also be able to offer unique cost-saving logistics solutions for the UK market.


For further information, please contact:

Cem Turkdonmez
Managing Director UK
+44 (0) 7312041012
[email protected]