Export customs clearance, goods declaration, temporary export, re-import and restricted goods, let us help you with the process of customs clearing your export. We are always updated on valid rules and regulations.


Export customs clearance process

When exporting goods from UK, your goods must always be declared to the UK customs authorities. You may not send goods out of UK before the customs authorities has given its permission. As an exporter you are required to notify via a export customs declaration and the customs authorities will control and approve or disapprove the documentation. When approved, the goods may be shipped out of the country.

There are two types of export shipments;

  • regular export from UK to any country

  • temporary export, - for example goods that are exported for repair and will be re-imported to UK at a later stage

For the temporary export there are special requirements for the documentation and process, and we can assist as your customs broker.

Cem Turkdonmez

Cem Turkdonmez

Managing Director UK