It is important to be aware that you have minimal coverage in place when transporting your cargo. Freight Forwarders and Carriers are not liable for full damages or losses. 


To make sure you do not suffer any loss in case of damage or lost cargo, we advise to arrange for your own insurance coverage. Without this, in worst case, it can lead to shipments not being covered appropriately, if at all. The last 5 years we see an increase in cargo claims, mainly due to an increase in marine traffic and global trade, supply chain events and extreme weather conditions.

Facts about cargo insurance

  • Door to door “All Risks” cover for goods, whilst in transit by land, air or sea. Regardless of who is responsible for the damage.
  • There are exclusions such as willful misconduct, delays, ordinary wear and tear and unsuitable packaging.
  • ‘All Risks” means cover is provided for all risks of physical loss and damage to the goods during the insured voyage. The policy covers the full value of the goods insured (including shipping costs).
  • The price of the insurance depends on cargo value and commodity type. 
  • If there is a claim, we ensure a very fast and simple claims process. Upon receipt of the claim’s notification,  we aim to settle claims instantly with minimal involvement from you. All claims are submitted and processed digitally.

We advise

Through our insurance partners, we can provide you with “All Risk” cargo coverage for each of your shipments (sea/air/land). Such coverage covers most risks. We provide pricing with no minimum, based on the commodity type and cargo value. We provide full coverage flexibility, allowing you to cancel your policy at any point before the arrival date.

Do you want to know more about cargo insurance?

Anthony John

Anthony John

Head of Operations