Groupage, less than truckload (LTL) means more packages in various sizes with a collective weight up to 2,5 tons. We offer daily departures from the UK, with fast and reliable distribution of groupage all over Europe, with a special expertise in all the Nordic countries.


These are the benefits of groupage and its transport solutions:

  • consignments weighing up to 2,500 kg payable weight per consignment and over

  • groupage consignments are priced and invoiced according to agreed groupage rates and prices for additional services

  • for groupage distribution, the packaging must be appropriate for the goods to withstand co-loading, without damaging other goods

  • goods for groupage distribution must be labelled by the sender, as well as being electronically transmitted or created us prior to pickup

Booking through e-mail, EDI or web – each shipment is traceable in our web-based track and trace system.

Groupage and less than truck load (LTL)

LTLLess than Truck Load
Less-than-truckload shipping is used to transport freight that doesn't require a full truckload trailer
is a term for grouping small shipments of goods, having same near origin and destination consolidating to a more manageable load unit for joint shipments in trailers, containers or other freight units.

  • economical solution

  • cost effective

  • consolidation

  • flexibility

  • variety of shapes, packaging, sizes

  • multimodal capabilities

  • improve delivery times and loading and unloading operations

  • reducing packaging costs

  • perhaps reduced environmental footprint as well, rather than shipping single shipments

Anthony John

Anthony John

Head of Operations