Import declarations, calculations of taxes and duties - we can assist you with import customs clearance of your shipments. We have a dedicated, highly skilled team who is updated on all rules and regulations at all times, and are well experienced within complex customs processes.


Customs clearance process 

When importing goods to the UK, it is important to follow rules and regulations.

  • to be able to import, the company needs a VAT number
  • the importer must issue the proper documentation to be ready for the customs clearance
  • the importer must declare the value of the goods for calculating taxes and duties
  • UK customs controls the declaration
  • when the customs clearance is complete and duty and taxes are paid, customs releases your goods and it can be opened and used

Customs agent in-house  

We can be your in-house customs agent. It may prove practical to gather all your customs assignments with one partner. We will provide you with efficient processing of all customs clearances, combined with total control and overview. 

Cem Turkdonmez

Cem Turkdonmez

Managing Director UK