Back IKEA and ColliCare enter into collaboration, Carl Aaby - CEO/CSO Retail manager IKEA Norway

IKEA and ColliCare enter cooperation!

IKEA is striving to be excellent in seamless customer experiences and has chosen ColliCare in Vestby, Norway, as their partner for handling logistics for small packages.

The goods will arrive at our warehouse, be stored, and then made ready to send to the end customer. Earlier, IKEA used to store these small items in a warehouse in Sweden – giving too long a delivery time for the end customer in Norway. Switching the goods to the warehouse in Vestby enables IKEA to make quick deliveries to customers who want home delivery. We are looking forward to exciting cooperation with IKEA, starting summer of 2023.

By exploiting the various strengths of IKEAS distribution channels, while establishing new ones – we seek to secure a stable and quick delivery to our customers, concludes CEO/CSO Retail manager IKEA Norway, Carl Aaby.