Swedish furniture retailer Mio is choosing ColliCare

Mio is a major furniture and interior retail chain in Sweden, with 70 stores spread across Sweden. Since 1962 they have been delivering quality furniture to the Swedish market, with a vision to inspire their customers to create a home in which they can prosper and be proud of.

Mio always aims to deliver a positive customer experience.


Criterias for partner

When selecting a new partner for Mio’s freight and logistics from Lithuania the ability to have a full overview of the process from order to delivery was key.

With ColliCare Vendor Management they are able to follow every step of the process, for every single item. The information is available directly in their own order management system, all the way from placing the order, confirming production time, follow-up of the supplier, and confirming transport and delivery time.

This is not just giving the Mio store the information they need, but it also makes it easier to give the customer reliable delivery details, thus creating a positive customer experience.


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly freight solutions are important to both Mio and ColliCare, and the set-up with cross docking in Lithuania where most of the sofaproducers are based is good and green alternative.

With cross docking we are collecting the goods from the different suppliers and shipping them directly to the store. This ensures that the trucks are fully loaded and does not need to have many stops on its way to the stores.

With short sea connections close to the terminal in Klaipeda the greener option of sea freight is also a possible transport alternative.




Klaipėda Terminal
Klaipėda Terminal
Packed furnitures in the storage, ready for predictable delivery
Bjørn Erik Valldal

Bjørn Erik Valldal

Business Development Manager Baltics

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