We deliver your goods at speed with our express vehicles or couriers in the Eastern part of Norway

Anything from small parcels to pallets, to part-loads. Our fleet consists of trucks, larger vans and regular courier cars. We cover all of eastern Norway and promise a personalised, high-quality courier service.

Pricing and booking

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Three zones and many options

  1. zone 1 = Oslo 1 - 12
  2. zone 2 = Bærum, Oppegård, Lørenskog and Skytta
  3. zone 3 = Asker, Ski and Skedsmo

We also distribute outside the zones, please contact us for price quotes

  1. ordinary = pickup and delivery within 2 hours
  2. express = pickup and delivery within 1 hour
  3. VIP = pickup within 15 minutes for immediate delivery


Make your booking via EDI or the web - an EDI solution can be easily integrated into an order fulfillment system. 

We will help you with login for your web booking, please call 23 62 80 80.

All our vans are equipped with PDAs with scanners for efficient order processing. Shipments can be traced, and when delivery is made, the confirmation is available online.

Ship whatever you want, whether it is business to business or from a house to a private person - at express speed.

All our vehicles are branded with ColliCare for you to easily recognise us, and our drivers are uniformed and thoroughly trained.

Knut Sollund

Knut Sollund

CEO – Chief Executive Officer