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Developing cooperation with Hydro Aluminium AS

Last week Georg Moltu Managing Director of ColliCare Projects & Special travelled to the western coast of Norway visiting the Hydro plants and Ottem-ColliCare Terminal at Sunndalsøra (named OCT) together with the logistics team of Hydro Aluminium AS.

Close cooperation, open and friendly communication lines, and teamwork are of utmost importance to make the partnership to success. The logistics team from Hydro participating was Silje Rørtveit Holstad, Maren Fossan-Waage, Torbjørn Hetland, Jorunn Fjeld Osborne, and Fernando Scharf!
We were so lucky to take part in these Hydro plant visits in the Western part of Norway. It was cold and snowy but luckily sunny days at Sunndal and Årdal.  
In Sunndalsøra, Hydro has the largest and most modern primary aluminum plant in Europe, with around 700 employees. There are heavy investment plans in Sunndal coming years, and new upgrade projects will make the plant even more modern.  The Ottem ColliCare Terminal is located in Sunndal, and the terminal is busy and in full operation, loading outbound shipments to Sweden, Finland, Poland, Norway, and other destinations in Europe.  

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Sea Cargo


The trip also included a visit to Hydro Aluminium’s plants at Årdalstangen and Øvre Årdal together with Fernando Scharf and Jorunn Fjeld Osborne.

In Årdal the number of employees is around 500, and in addition to Aluminium production, Hydro operates one of the industry's leading research centers at the place.

We met the RoRo Vessel once again in Årdalstangen, loading Aluminum before heading further south with final destination of Rotterdam. From Rotterdam, European distribution of aluminum will take place.

Our Swedish colleagues Robin Dahlen and Jonas Ankarbranth joined us in Årdal, interesting days for our Swedish friends as well.